Stable and Reliable Servo System

23-bit High-resolution encoder

  • 23-bit encoder with 8,388,608 pulses/revolution enables smooth and precise operation.

M/G High dynamic performance servo motor

  • Low inertia and high speed, and high torque to current ratio. Some low inertia motors can acclelerate from -3000r/min to 3000r/min within only 6-7ms.

M/G Servo motor low cogging torque

  • The optimal combination of motor's pole number and cogging number greatly reduces the fluctuation range of electric torque and positioning torque to achieve a more smoothly operation.
  • The anti-cogging / torque ripple suppression algorithm improves the torque precision effectively.

IP65 rated motor for applications in wet factory environments

  • M/G motor with IP65 rating protection.
  • The motor shaft is equipped with seal.

3KHz response bandwidth(velocity mode), 1ms settling time

  • Velocity response bandwidth up to 3kHz.
  • High response control based on the torque feed forward could reduce the response delay and optimize settling time up to 1ms.

The notch filter for High-frequency vibration suppression

  • The notch filter could suppress the vibration and audible noise greatly generated by the equipment resonant frequency. It is important to drive high speed and high accuracy.
  • Two notch filters are available with adjustable width and depth, working frequency from 50-1500Hz.

The damping filter suppresses low frequency jitter

  • The filter eliminates the natural vibration frequency and greatly reduce the vibration of axis when stopping, with an applicable frequency of 1-100Hz.

EP1C Plus with 1M differential plus train input or optional single-ended input

  • Both the instruction input and the feedback output frequency could reach 1Mpps, and the high resolution operation can be achieved. When the duty ratio of the instruction input pulse is deviated, the receiving frequency will decrease.
  • Special version supports 24V NPN/PNP single ended drive connection and the highest frequency is 200kHz.

EP1C Plus with optional Modbus/CAN/M-II communuication

  • Modbus protocol: applies to robot, digital control system, and automation equipment etc.
  • M-II protocol: supports 17byte/32 byte transformat with USB Bus
  • CAN communications: customized communication protocol is provided.

EP3E Multi-Network servo drive with various industrial Ethernet protocols

Note: Customized protocols are also provided, please contact us for more infomation.

ServoSoft: multifunctional software for quick setting

  • USB communication interface, plug and play;
  • Parameter reading and setting;
  • Support real-time recording, online debugging.