Turning Machine Controllers - CNC Lathe Retrofitment

LNC provides T5800/T6800 series equipped with max. 6 paths, 32 axes controllers. They are also with powerful 2nd development tools but also support various brands of digital absolute type servo motor brands to achieve high-speed high precision performance. Precision lathe controllers not only can upgrade to faster computing core but also strength-en its oil/dustproof capability. Its strong & durable fan-less design has great heat dissipation function and is user-friend-ly which provides high stability that suitable for turning the machine industry and automation industry.


  • Provide various protocols of different servo drivers
  • EtherCAT supports various smart sensor modules & digital type I/O
  • Powerful 6 paths 32 axis.
  • Core accuracy upgrades to nanometer precision level.
  • High-speed high precision interpolation compensation which can precede high-level mill-turn demand especially for dual system function.
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T5800 / 6800 series maximum control 6 paths and 32 axes that could connect multiple machines to form several compact working stations. Through supporting various digital protocols, you could easily connect many peripheral devices, equipped with EtherCAT which can be connected to instant smart sensor modules. One-stop controller solution provides you easy to achieve the construction of factory automation and factory intellectualized through web clouding that could make each station connect in series and plant monitoring with each other. In this way, we help you instantly towards to Industry 4.0.

Cloud Monitoring Softwar

LNC in various single element numerical controls as the core, through EtherCAT interface, provides controllers in smart factories, expansion modules, peripheral connections port of real-time monitoring. Users can use WebAccess, a standard web browser, from anywhere to listen online and monitoring all connecting devices. Through viewing all information in the machine directly helps you diagnose the job.

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Spindle Speed & Phase Synchronization

Spindle and sub-spindle can synchronous run so as to facilitate the joining of circular or polygonal working pieces.

Servo Axis Synchronization Control Function

Apply to long type work damp processing such as lathe threading, rigid tapping and knurled.

Servo Axis Overlapped Function

While the main spindle runs continuously, the side milling axis could overlap doing the rigid tapping to reduce the main spindle pausing time.

Hybrid Control

You could use the program command sequence to exchange another servo axis in other paths.